Issue N.7 – January/February/March 2016

Niko Krijno “New Gestures” curated by Sean O’Toole

Issue N.8 – April/May/June 2016

Victor Cobo “Exit Pleasure” curated by Larry Fink

Issue N.9 – July/August/September 2016

Max Pam “Promises To Keep” curated by Laura Serani

Issue N.10 – October/November/December 2016

Hajime Kimura “Path In Between” Curated by Yumi Goto



Issue N.1 – January/February 2015

Andrea Modica “As We Wait” curated by Larry Fink

Issue N.2 – March/April 2015

Joseph Maida “New Native” curated by Peter Weiermair

Issue N.3 – May/June 2015

Oliver Kruger “Golden Youth curated by Sean O’Toole

Issue N.4 – July/August 2015

Philippe Chancel “Kim Happiness” curated by Michel Poivert

Issue N.5 – September/October 2015

Tomoko Kikuchi curated by Michiko Kasahara

Issue N.6 – November/December 2015

Lorenzo Castore curated by Laura Serrani



The subscription service for L’Artiere allows subscribers to receive a volume from the collection every 3 months for a period of a year a volume featuring one of the photographers chosen by our team of curators.

The works presented in each book are original and never been published before.

Our publications allow our subscribers to get to know the works of contemporary photographers or discover original works by young artists.

A unique and exceptional collection for all photography lovers.




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Collection 2015 (6 books), Collection 2016 (4 books)